Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dreaming of a Snow Wedding this Winter?

Central Park in the snow! Other than a bride, what's more beautiful? Although NYC had a freak snow storm this October, most snowfall comes in January-February. While Rev. Peluso cannot guarantee snow for your wedding, if it is your dream to marry in the snow, Rev. Peluso will certainly pray on it for you. Here's a video of one French couple's dream come true. Rev. Peluso had to turn to speak to the American witnesses in English to make sure the ceremony was legally witnessed. A minister must get all the details right. Video provided by photographer Andy Mars. Enjoy!

New Wedding Video

Rev. R. M. Peluso created this French & Brazilian Portuguese ceremony for Swank Productions at Tribeca Rooftop. International Elegance, NYC style.


Reverend Peluso did an amazing job with our ceremony. We traveled all the way from Florida, finding an officiant in New York who would honor a same sex marriage was difficult when living so far away. Not only did she make it much easier with the planning but she took the time to make the ceremony as personalized as possible, including the most important aspects of our life. To be honest it was amazing to work with someone who both respected and appreciated our relationship, working hard to create a wonderful ceremony. We have come across many conflicts within both our personal and professional lives when it comes to same sex marriage, but Rev Peluso was wonderful to work with and made us both feel comfortable planning and attending the ceremony. A.K. (reprinted from Comments below)

Monday, November 28, 2011

When other states do not honor Marriage Equality...

This lovely couple could NOT get married in their homestate. Rev. Peluso was honored to marry them here in New York City's Central Park. We love New York, and New York loves lovers...particularly committed lovers who marry here.

This Review Just In!

My wife is Jewish and I am Catholic and the language of preference for our family and wedding guests ranged from English, to Spanish to Hebrew. So when first searching for a marriage officiant, we never thought we could find someone who would be able to create such a personalized, heartfelt ceremony that considered the multiple languages and faiths of our families and wedding guests. Reverend Peluso handled all these challenges in stride. Not only did she help us achieve a creative, beautiful and memorable ceremony, but she was always professional, organized, courteous and respectful.--J & J
(names withheld here by Rev. Peluso to protect couple's privacy; names can be provided upon request)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby Photos...a wedding minister's fringe benefit

Just love it when my couples send me baby photos when their newborns arrive!
Here's a beautiful new family.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marriage Equality is Here!!!

Rev. R. M. Peluso joined Interfaith and Nondenominational colleagues today in Washington Square Park to celebrate the launch, this week, of Marriage Equality. The event was organized by Rev. Annie Lawrence and Rev. Will Mercer. See Youtube video filmed by Andy Mars @ wedrevnyc channel

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Marriage Equality--Our Position

With one vote hanging in the balance, I contacted NY State Senator Andrew Lanza this morning, urging him to vote for Marriage Equality. I hope you will urge your own legislators to pass bills in every state to make Marriage Equality the law in all 50 states. Now, why is this so important to a straight woman? Because it is a matter of compassion and justice. As a minister, I am compelled to support it. As a human being, I am compelled to support it. We, as a society, need to uphold equality and justice for all. We should encourage consulting adults, no matter what their gender, to form committed, enduring relationships that are recognized as legal marriages with all rights under the law. Civil unions still fall short of extending all rights. Rev. Peluso and Art of the Ceremony will happily create and perform LGBT marriages in New York or any other state. Until Marriage Equality is the law of the land, Rev. Peluso and Art of the Ceremony will be honored to create and perform commitment celebration ceremonies.

Friday, May 20, 2011

When the Standard Musical Ensemble Won't Do!

Couples often ask me for referrals for musicians. A few months ago I had the delightful experience to see two members of Tenet perform at my seminary. These singers and instrumentalists specialize in medieval and renaissance music, but their versatility goes far beyond those forms. So, if you're looking for something truly unique for your wedding ceremony, watch their videos on their website.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Brides of Winter...strapless!

Scientists should study brides. Why? Because they seem able to endure sub-freezing temperatures without popping a goosebump. I've seen it so many times. Perhaps it's adrenaline. The brides are able to stand uncovered for the length of the ceremony plus photographs. I recommend having a standby wrap, though. Here's a recent bride from England, totally unphased by the snow and low temperatures (in the low 20's F.) The lake in Central Park--frozen!

This British couple's wedding was delayed due to a snow storm that grounded flights from London. Lucky for my couple, my contracts contain an "acts of nature" clause. So, no extra fees, despite a rescheduled ceremony.