Friday, September 24, 2010

iPad Wedding at the W Hotel, NYC

Photographer Max Flatow ( snapped this stunning shot of the entire wedding party blessing the rings. We never knew he was there! His stealth technique sure impressed me. Beautiful bride, handsome groom... and my iPad... again. The iPad has become this minister's constant companion. (I use the iPad when I lead worship services too at The Interfaith Temple.)
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

From the UK to the Conservatory Gardens, Central Park,

Ah! A fountain full of lotus, a minister holding an iPad, a late summer wedding in a city that loves lovers. This couple from the England knew that New York was the capital of romance! While they chose the Conservatory Gardens, there are many other sites all over Central Park--some pictured on this blog, that make for unforgetable nuptual locations. And--best kept secret-- most are free!

photo by Ande Whyland

A Very Special Review

Dear Rev. Peluso,
We don't even know where to begin thanking you. I had a very specific vision of what I wanted our ceremony to look like, and you took that vision and created something so unique that I couldn't have even dreamed of it. You totally "got us" when you talked about our relationship and partnership with one another. You were able to incorporate our families in a way I've never seen before, and our parents were so touched by the pink rose gifting. You have been a pleasure to work with throughout this process--always making yourself available with an open heart, and, even more, open ears. We really appreciate all the thought you put into a day that we will remember the rest of our lives.
All our best,
Gloria & Ivan

This thank you note so touched my heart that--with permission-- I had to post it here.
Other testimonials can be read on my website: and wedding sites, such as

Friday, September 10, 2010

Elegant Wedding at the Hudson Hotel, NYC

Photos from earlier this spring/summer season are still coming in (they can take months!) Rev. Peluso married this handsome couple under a tent on the roof of the chic & trendy Hudson Hotel. Roof overlooked the Hudson and skyline and roof garden hosted their reception. After feasting your eyes on this couple, look at those florals. Ceremony and decor, simple yet elegant.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ship Mates...a Pirate Wedding

Some weddings are such fun, I can hardly wait to post about them. Thanks to this couple for encouraging this minister pull out all her theatrical tricks. This wedding party set sail from the North Cove Marina (World Financial Center at Battery Park City) aboard the sailboat Shearwater with folks from France and Colombia, and one NYC "pirate" minister. Yes, I too was in costume and will post photos as they come in. Meanwhile, here is one I snapped this photo with my Blackberry at the pier before we set sail. The ceremony was in French and Spanish, and, as you may have gathered, rather hilarious, except for the couple's self-written vows and inspirational readings by their mothers. When the pirate minister found this pirate couple had invaded New York waters, she sentenced them to a married couple, rather than order them to walk the plank.